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About VEGA Engineering & Constructions

Vega Engineering & Constructions is one of the new Ship Building, Ship Repairers and Oil & Gas Rigs. We are specialized in full Marine Accommodation system, HVAC, Piping, Electrical, Hull and Structural contractors for reputed quality in Marine works in India and Singapore. Mr.D.V.Nanrudaiyan is a qualified Mechanical Engineer (M.S.Engg) from USSR with a vast experience in Engineering and Ship Construction and its Management. His efforts have resulted into large export orders being executed by the company in the past. He also advises the company on quality standards and local and global business strategy.

A dynamic team spirited and performance drove engineering professional with an extraordinary blend of leadership and business. He possesses an experience of over two decades. Operation Director Mr.D.V.Selvakumar with around 15 years’ experience in operation and management and Mr.A.Satheesh B.E, MBA with 12 years of experience in Solar Power Plant, the company is growing to greater heights. This reputation is built upon a policy of honorable business policies and high standard of service to customers. Vega is today a diversified group engaged in Electrical, Mechanical and Marine Engineering. Vega and its associate companies offer extensive service for offshore oil & gas turnkey projects, ship building and ship repair.

Vega HSE Policy (Health and Safety Environment Protection Policy)

  • It is policy of Vega Engineering & Constructions to provide safe and environmentally friendly services at all times.
  • The Objectives of the policy are to prevent death or injury to personnel, damage to ship and property and pollution of the environment in particular to the environment and to property.
  • The employees in turn are expected to exercise self-discipline, be safety conscious, and to take necessary steps to prevent injury to themselves and others.
  • We at Vega Engineering & Constructions acknowledge that personnel are our biggest assets and therefore place emphasis on their welfare and safety. We will implement this policy and maintain it in purpose and intent at all levels of the organization, be it offshore/onboard or ashore.
  • Taking actions  to  prevent environmental pollution resulting from operations waste
  • Complying with other requirements related to Occupational Safety , Health and  Environmental aspects
  • Continually improving and enhancing Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental performance  and practices

Mission Statement

  • To always meet our customer’s requirements and be their first choice contractor.
  • To establish and maintain ourselves as one of the leading companies in Singapore in the business of ship building and repairs works for the execution of projects related to Offshore and on shore.
  • To provide efficient and cost effective services related to Marine electrical and piping. Works and on shore fabrication and Ship Repair services.
  • To enhance our reputation for quality works, service and civic responsibility through continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

Vega Engineering & Constructions is committed to provide high quality products and services to all customers and all the times. Quality means meeting customers’ satisfaction and their requirements. The management and staff of the Company will contribute towards satisfying customers’ requirements and continuously make improvement in their respective areas of work. Whether we play a large or small roll by working together we achieve our objective. It shall be every employee’s responsibility to ensure conscientious and successful implementation of the procedures documented in the quality manuals.

Vega Services:

  Vega Engineering & Constructions has the expertise and experience in Jack up Rigs and Oil & Gas, FPSO, Petrochemical, Power & Nuclear Project Piping, PAU, PAR, Fabrication, Structural, Erection and installation full Marine Accommodation system, HVAC, Electrical, and design in build of Maritime and offshore Vessels.
  With Our good support with past collaborations with ship builders & shipyards in India and Singapore, we can drive the project in shorter period to suit client demands.
  Vega and its subsidiary companies have good experience in the construction of new build vessel in full Marine Accommodation system, HVAC, Piping, Electrical, Hull and Structural electrical systems through our expert engineers, technician and skilled labours.
  Our associated company United Offshore & Maritime Technology (UOM) experience and professionalism in the construction of new build vessel, upgrading project and drilling piping system and ship piping system is well qualified and seasoned.
  Vega is servicing to our valued customers through our associated company in China, Malaysia & Singapore, in ship building and repair works.
  Vega provides project management & supervision in shipbuilding and Constructions.


   Behave responsibly in all business relationship and deals
   Maintain the health and safety of our employees and clients
   Hold an environmentally responsible behavior
   Sustain a cost conscious and risk management policy effectively to create value for our clients


   Build ourselves on past experience, train, innovate and find better ways to meet our clients expectations with continues improvement
   Set ourselves constant challenging targets to exceed our clients expectations
   Continue to hold an impeccable track record to provide to our clients our great sense of integrity.


   Built trust with our clients and partners
   Attract and retain experienced staff, who are empowered to perform safely and efficiently
   Treating business partners and employees with fairness, keeping our commitments and thereby maintaining good reputation
   Encouraging initiatives and innovation, managing risks,
   Team Work and Un-Bureaucratic Business Process
   Rewarding good performance and results, providing opportunities for continuous learning and developments


   Living Quarters
   FPSO Modules
   Jack-up Rigs
   Structures and Modules


   Oil & Gas
   Petroleum Refining
   Structures and Modules


   Carbon Steel,
   Stainless Steel,
   Plastic pipes,
   Alloy & High Strength Materials
   PAU (Pre Assembled Unit)
   PAR (Pre Assembled Rack)
   Equipment Skids


   Cooling Water System
   Fire-Fighting System
   Fresh Water System
   Sea Water System
   Drainage Water System
   De-Watering System
   Steam Line, Co2 Line, Gas Line
   MO Gas, HFO Line, Bitumen Line